this letter was sent in October.

Hey —

Hope you’re doing well. Well I just wanted to write back to let ya know how things are going around here…I asked for toilet paper one day and the c.o. told me NO because she didn’t like me and because I was too white! Really. I put a grievance in on her and nothing was ever done. I still have an open grievance from May about an officer that told me to piss in the shower because she wouldn’t pop my door unless I was gonna stay behind that door. Sick, right? And the other day I saw an officer and a young girl, a minor, age 16, get into it. And when the other officers ran in like three of them were on top of her (the kid) and the officer was pounding this girl while they were handcuffing her. They had to tell the officer to stop, that was enough. Crazy. That’s one thing I really don’t agree with, is minors being placed in here. I think it’s wrong. These officers need to follow the same guidelines. There is bad favoritism in here. One good thing, the food is better, but they took our cups away! So I had to use a lotion bottle so I could have hot water because there’s none in my room, and the officer said I was not allowed to fill up bottles. And I am about 99.9% sure that she did not let me because she just wanted to be an asshole!! They can’t stand it when something goes good for us. INHUMANE!!! Well, I could go on and on, but you get the gist of it. Been here 12 months and just waiting for movement on their end! God help us!! …Thank you so much and hang in there! 🙂


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