‘There has been remarkable improvement–Thank you!’


Dear —,

My deepest apologies. This letter is well overdue. Through no other fault than my own, I have avoided writing for the past 12-14 months. I blame this avoidance on my own indolence, self-consciousness of my penmanship (sloppy and unreadable), and also mostly due to the depression of being incarcerated and what I’ve lived through in the hands of the city of Durham Police department. I believe you have spoken with my parents; you may already be aware of some of what has happened to me. 

I would like to offer a sincere “Thank you!” for everything that you have done for the inmates here at Durham County Jail. There has been remarkable improvement in the meals, post Aramark. It’s not at all great, but the food is at least “real” and not all soy based or entirely processed. The meat seems real, the potatoes whole, and we get actual fresh fruit (versus 99% applesauce). I often hear people complain about the quantity, and I guess that is a legitimate complaint, but is much better than before. I credit this improvement solely to your efforts with Inside-Outside Alliance. We have also been provided with new mattresses, which was long overdue! Thank you again.

Have you heard of any news regarding the city of Durham and/or city of Raleigh Police Departments and their aggressive, abusive and illegal tactics and handling of its city residents? …I’ve lived through a police setup that was absurd and was uncalled for and I almost died because of it…

Lastly, is there anything I can do for you and for IOA? This jail sucks, but words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you and Inside-Outside Alliance for EVERYTHING you have done and for all of the lives you have touched. Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

Warmest regards,

B. H.

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