Election 2016: We must dismantle the capitalist machine

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the name of the most high God. I just wanted to weigh in on the election of 2016. On 10-31-16 I submitted an OCJ request form to Lt. Bolton for consideration for a sentence reduction for good behavior, overcrowding, and following all rules that apply at OCJ. I state that I respected all staff and fellow political innocent until proven guilty prisoners. I also state that I request the reason for relief on this 120 day sentence, at date of this I had already did 110 days toward the 120 days. I wanted to get out to vote on 11-8-16. So on 11-7-16, time 1345, action taken by Lieutenant Bolton stated that state misdemeanant confinement program has given me a release date of 11-15-16. Signed Lt. Bolton #6875.

So, this misdemeanant confinement program is new to me. What has raised questions in my mind is every county jail sentence I ever did, no one does all the time, unless they get in trouble. So what Lt. Bolton is saying that Orange County has no such desire to give a person any type of relief for earned credits for working in the jail or for good behavior. Of course, I can’t get any type of information on this program from staff or administration of this facility (OCJ). Now let me mention that Durham County Jail has the same program, misdemeanant confinement, and I’m sure if residents being held there under such program (MCP) will find what I have found and that is deliberate indifferences, hidden racism, racial profiling, all in the name of keeping people like us from having the right and duty to vote. Their mindset is if we are locked up on petty charges, we can’t vote. Look at the numbers on how many misdemeanors was locked up on election day, 11-8-16, and you tell me what the outcome would have been.

IOA, we need answers. I think this is a very valid issue at hand. It is by design that these incidents are being carried out in county jails in NC daily. The capitalist machine is getting stronger as we speak. We can’t give it power. We must dismantle it one bolt and one screw at a time. Really take a look at what’s at stake.

Sidebar = Don’t play with it, look around and see what’s really going on!!!

Sill in the struggle,

A political prisoner,

Coy AKA Plastic

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