Seasonal love: a poem

Seasonal Love

I love you

In the fall

Because you change

Like the beautiful colors

Of the leaves

Dangling and hanging

Falling peacefully from the trees

I love you

In the winter

Because of the cold and bitter weather

We spend a lot of quality time

Snuggled tightly together

I love you in the spring

Because like the flowers on the ground

You’re starting to bloom

Swaying in the wind

Waiting patiently for your lover

To be groomed

I love you most

In the summer

Because everything about you has sprung

Your natural beauty has come out

And I’m seeing all the things that I love

The glow on your skin

Coming from the sun above

To the shining stars in your eyes

Coming from the moonlit skies

You’re unique

In every way

This is seasonal love.


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