I’ll Keep Writin’


What’s good wit’cha out there? I pray that all’s well wit’ you and your fam, that goes fo’ your crew as well – happy late Thanksgivin’! As fo’ myself, it was just anotha’ day. I can’t see how people are all happy on a day that so many people were killed and raped, but hey, cheers to all that!!

I want to also say, thanks fo’ writin’ me here and I would’ve wrote sooner but I thought I would’ve been gone to the yard by now. They took me off my job and said that I was shippin’, but I’m still here and goin’ crazy wit’ the waitin’. Comin’ back to 5C from 4B is like a punishment to me. We come out twice a day – 9-12:45 and then from 4-6:15! We haven’t done anythin’ to be treated like this. Then it’s always cold!! (What the fuc’)

Anyway, the mail’s still fuc’ed up. I saw on the news the other day that its the postal service. The food now is hot and the same shit everyday, the same time day after day. Many other problems, so many but I’ll just go wit’ the two I just dropped on you. And I show people the Feedback. I love to show them my writin’ – my fam’ out there! My comment is that I’m wit’ him and anyone else that stands up fo’ what’s happenin’ to us. I never knew those words were in there and a lot of others didn’t also. When I get out I’m showin’ that on my page and I have some other things to share as well. On the election, I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT, but here we go??

I am,


[Jermaine Carson – formerly incarcerated at Durham jail, now at Piedmont C.I.]

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