“Only those Uncle Toms and brown-nosers…”



May this missive find you in a state of bliss in all respects. Like always it was a pleasure hearing from and acknowledging your efforts that contribute to the struggle. I really look forward to meeting you and some of the Inside-Outside Alliance comrades soon.

Have you heard that the Neuse C.I. went up in smoke two weeks ago? Yes! A lot of the staff from there have been posted here for work until the Neuse facility is repaired. The inmates burnt the place up, especially the processing part. Heard it’ll take months before they get it back up to par. 

They transferred all the inmates out to other prisons–only those Uncle Toms and brown-nosers, ignorant inmates with no backbone and cause to stand upon, are participating and lending their labor services to the repairing of the prison.

They need to do that here and other prisons, but with an set of actual beneficial demands.

Well, to keep you posted on — vs. Durham office of the sheriff…the court appointed me an attorney from its court pilot pro-bono representation. I don’t know (anything about this person)…

Now that I’ve done all this hard work and gotten ready for trial and a reasonably significant award, the federal court appointed an attorney, who would get 33% of my winnings!! What happened when I asked the court for appointment of counsel two years ago?? They look out for each other and grease one another’s palms.

Anyway, he/she can be helpful as long as they are with my program and strategy that got me to this point.

I’m in the hole here, received 60 days, which I already appealed to Raleigh’s chief disciplinary hearing officer. Long story–it was over a fan. Really!! I wanted it on, he (R. Dwyer) wanted it off. He touched me and I gave warning not to do so again, and as I attempted to replug the fan cord in, he violently pushed past me to unplug it. I blacked out! He went to the hopsital, it turned into an A1 class infraction, opposed to a C4 (fighting). I have been recommended for close custody now. Raleigh gets the last say so.

It really doesn’t matter. I’m be alright wherever they send me. Plus, if Raleigh don’t reverse or modify the DHO decision, I’ll be filing civil action against him.

As you realize, we’re not anywhere where we don’t belong in our destiny. Everything for a reason, I believe. DHO gave me 60 days in the hole, with loss of telephone, radio and canteen; hours of work detail. I won’t work–forget that. I’ll be okay. You stay up, be strong and stay focused.

Always in the struggle,


P.S. How you like the new president? I like it. Maybe there be some changes; people stick together now with the boot on their necks.

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