First 100 Days


First and foremost, let us thank the most high God for his countless blessings. In my first 100 days I been on a tour of 4 counties, 4 jails: Durham, Wake, Alamance, Orange. One might say I took my show on the road. Every jail and court system has been eye-opening and challenging, but the most disturbing thing that I see in all of them are the presence of racism. Believe me it is alive and breathing and in some cases it’s hidden very well.

Durham County Jail and court system is really sad, and Wake and Alamance are not far behind. But Orange seems to have a good idea of how things go. Pre-trial release is real over here. They really give you a fair shake. Never have I seen people being released at first appearance and court dates here at OCJ.

Now having been to Alamance County Jail on this tour, it’s really sad also. When you enter the pod there is no hope to look forward to, no court dates, no attorney visit, your people have to come visit you on a TV screen. No wins in the court room, food is like Aramark, dinner is served at 7:00pm cold!!

Wake County Jail is in the capitol city of this great state of NC. There they threaten you with the habitual felony or misdemeanor offenses to make you take a plea, so they get their conviction numbers up. Everything is politics. 😦

Orange County Jail is very bearable. It puts you in the mind of the jail. They have on the Andy Griffin Show. You have your regulars to come in and dry out to be right back out the door. I have found it hard to get paper to write letters. You have COs here that care and ones that don’t care. So you have to pick your battles. And the food is real oatmeal with sugar, grits with butter, fried fish, FF with tarter sauce, beef tips and rice, fried chicken every Wednesday. The only down side is on the weekend last meal is 2 cold cut sandwiches, apple, carrots.

So to all my brothers and sisters in the struggle, I request of you to fall on your knees and cry out to God. You will be victorious in all your battles and see how your outlook in all areas of your life will drastically change.

The obstacles that looked so huge can be conquered by the power of God.

Sidebar: Pray, keep hope, exercise your faith, and pray for others.

Shout out to my homegirl in 5-D

  1. Carlton, C. Carlton

This to shall pass!!!

Still in the struggle and solidarity,

Coy AKA Plastic

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