Respect and Dignity

Wow, in 4D, this guy named C.B. started a men’s group. It’s not only for the young, but the older men, too. I feel it will help take out a lot of negative energy. We all are going though our own problems. Knowing some days are worse than other days.

So let’s start with respect, cause we all must have and give respect. That’s something that should start with oneself. No matter what anyone is going through we give them their space. And at the end of the day, our unity still stands. Now that’s when we get our respect from the officers, too. They will see everybody is not here to play with them. We let them know that we all are not kids in here. Now, the same way we learn to live together, they learn to live with us. Because our manhood will stand on the same foundation.

Now we have our dignity, something that should always speak without saying a word. Like I said already, we are men. Don’t nobody have to tell us what to do. We already know as men, so we do it. Only a boy would think because he in jail, “fuck it.” No!! When you act before you are told, you take away the power of the officers. Now their only job is to sit in the pod. Cause we have taken our power back. And the whole jail can only respect us as inmates. Cause of our dignity, now they see us as men.

And that’s our first step with this men’s group. Then we can start seeing the positive impact it can have on the jail as a whole. That means the officer can learn from the inmates as well. With positive on both sides, how can there be any negative? And I truly believe that Durham will start something that will go worldwide.

Cause people on the outside will see more than unity with the inmates. They will see unity as a whole. Then maybe the bonds won’t be so high for people who don’t have the money. Maybe inmates will get into court sooner. Maybe the whole system will change for the best. All because we regain back our dignity and our respect.

God Bless,


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