‘I am 62 and losing valuable income because of this machine’

Thanks for responding to my letter. Unfortunately, I have already been sentenced to 90 days and retake STARR and GRAD again which I had completed in March and April of this year, thanks to Judge Hill both times…By the time I am released I will have served 7 months this year in this fucking rat hole, which is very, very nasty. This is my second conviction based on the date provided by an electronic machine. (CAM, Continuous Alcohol Monitor)

We in this country have machines such as cars (air conditioners, radio, electronic windows), T.V.s, computers, cell phones and hoverboards that explode, heating and air conditioning home units and the list goes on! But the CAM device according to probation officers and judges swear this CAM unit is 100% correct, no possibility of failure!! I am looking for a class action lawsuit to join about product misfunction.

I am 62 and losing valuable income and living of life because of this machine. See if you can locate one (suit) on the net as I have no access. Also amplify my story and refer me to sits about stories you have uncovered…


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