‘I HATE DCDF and everything it stands for’


What’s up?

I’m ok. I could be better but I’m hanging in there. Thanks for writing back…You’re right about the mail, my wife sent me mail on the 6th of October and I received it on the 11th, how crazy is that? I’m also very ecstatic about the change in the food, it’s way more appetizing than Aramark. But anyway, they do all they can to try to make us seem irrelevant, but they can’t stop the mail services. So, with that being said I would like to see them try to stop us from writing you guys.

I also would like to thank you for uplifting me by encouraging me to stay strong and remaining in the struggle with us, and they can call us liars all they want, but the truth is they like to play dirty but don’t like it when we air out their dirty laundry. So long as the injustice and the unfair actions of DCDF continues, then you guys will be notified. I have not heard any more about the video visitation but I’m pretty sure they’re still trying to make it possible…I HATE DCDF and EVERYTHING it stands for. Me and a couple of friends of mine were talking the other day and we mentioned the fact of this being a complete and utter money scheme—the longer they hold you the more money they get.

Then there’s the Colin Kaepernick situation, at first I had a hard time understanding what he was doing but now that I do I highly respect it because the police feel as if just because they hold the title of law enforcement it gives them the right to be the enforcer…not even. But now that people want to take a stand, like with the Charlotte Uprising, they want to arrest people and try to issue curfews and what have you but all I know is this: If that was my father or family member I wouldn’t give a damn about what the police want. With the protesting of police brutality by these athletes, I am so grateful that somebody chooses to take a stand for something instead of being blind to the fact that nothing will change unless we believe that we can make that change.

I have been here six, count ‘em, SIX months and have not been to court since May 5 and they won’t give me a bond reduction or anything. But I’m a fighter and I’m going to continue to fight with my voice and my words because I refuse to be another “statistic” while they profit. But on the other hand I’m also glad that I have a chance to vent to you guys as well cause if I didn’t lord knows I would’ve blown a gasket. But since you guys always make my day by writing it reminds me that I am somebody and when I get out I would love to do an interview for youtube and feedback about DCDF to prevent people from having to experience this…

In struggle,

Reggie A.


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