‘We got to drink out the sink at night like dogs’


How are you? I hope you’re doing good. I know it’s been a little while since the last time I wrote you and I’m sorry about that!! I hope you get this letter as soon as possible.

Lately the food has got better since the new company. The things I don’t like is how they took away our sweet bread and blueberry bread, and how they keep feeding us potatoes. But I believe that now we are eating real food. Aramark is still running canteen, but I think it’s only until the end of the year or January. But before they stopped doing the food, man, the food was bad and to me it seemed like they was cutting costs even more. But you best believe I’m going to hold their feet to the fire on this one. Thank you guys because this couldn’t have happened without y’all help. 

The c.o.’s are still treating us like shit, though. All of the sudden we have been getting locked back for no reason. Also, our cups and spoons have been taken. We can no longer have them in our cells. The only way we can get a spoon and a paper bowl is by buying soups off canteen. We were told we would get those and cups from canteen, but have not got cups yet! Now if we are thirsty we got to drink out the sink at night like dogs or whenever we are locked back and if they find a cup or a spoon they are going to write us up. This is crazy, and not right. Another thing is we only get 30 minutes of basketball and we are supposed to get 30 minutes of soccer, but blacks nor whites can’t play, only Mexicans (Latinos) can.

Now about this mail, man my family lives in Durham and near the jail, so it shouldn’t take 3 to 4 weeks to get the letter. I think they are holding our mail and doing god knows what else with it. They already read and rip open our mail. What more could they be doing?

Another thing is that if your family sends you stuff off amazon and it contains one thing that you can buy off canteen, they will send the whole package back. Why not give the other stuff and put what we can’t have in our property? It makes no sense. This all needs to change and more.

Well, I have been doing ok, staying out of trouble. It’s just hard because I have no support from family or friends. I was getting letters and visits and could call them, but I guess being here 17 months they just can’t handle it. They are not doing anything with me as far as my case. Like I said I have been here 17 months and they claim they still don’t have all my evidence back. There is no way it should take this long, and my attorney claims I can’t even get pre-trial release.

Oh yeah, I wrote to the Human Relations Commission as well and that’s fucked up how Major Paul Martin is lying like that. It won’t stop me from still writing and from now on you’ll be hearing from me more…

Take care, and write back soon


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