‘They always cry it’s a security concern when they don’t want to change for the better’

Hey J & S,

I hope y’all don’t mind me responding to you both in a single letter. I have just completed putting final touches on a petition for Writ of Mandamus to be mailed to Durham District Court in the AM. Trying to level the playing field keeps me wide open in here!

I can hardly wait to get out of this awful place. I am 65 years young. There is much work to do in the realm of jurisprudence for the offenders and the courts to get the playing field leveled and reduce crime.

I am going to seek a Soros Justice Fellowship when I get out to conduct a study in Durham, Wake, Guilford, and Mecklenburg jails and courts to see just how effective their court appointed lawyer system is and how justice is meted out in these courts. I’d like to compare the plea deals offered by those various DAs for similar offenses committed in those 4 counties. If I get a justice fellowship, I could then hire a small staff and have other non-profit agencies help me to extend this study to all 100 counties.

The courts need someone — a serious watchdog — looking over their shoulders, as District Attorneys. I came upon a NC Supreme Court decision last week (an older one) that was really a farce. Those justices who agreed to that mess should have long ago been voted off the bench and disbarred for life! The 4th Amendment only protects private citizens against unreasonable search and seizures from gov’t officials. But if police can adduce a private citizen to break into your house to look for and find incriminating evidence to turn over to police, law enforcement can use that evidence against you. Or if someone breaks into your house to rob your safe, and finds drugs in it, they can go tell the police what they saw (while stealing from you) and police can obtain a search warrant to go into your house — then charge you for the drugs! WTF! What happened to your 4th amendment rights to be secure in your home, papers, and effects? You can google the case easily.

A lot of us here got registered to vote via absentee ballot last week. T. P. misunderstood the people when they asked if he was serving time for a felony and he said “yes” but he is not. He is awaiting trial for a felony. He got upset and walked out! He needs to vote!

All of these police shootings of unarmed blacks is ridiculous. Even more alarming are those officials who want to suppress the video cams until a court order is obtained. That court order requirement came in effect Oct 1st 2016 and cannot be grandfathered to shootings that occurred prior thereto. Reminds me of the Rodney King beatings. We don’t need anyone to interpret what we can see and interpret for ourselves!

Our food has gotten a little better. No more soy as a meat substitute. We get turkey or chicken (ground up) in patties and hamburger helper — like meals, but still no meals that include chicken with bone, meatloaf, etc. unless we buy it at $7.50 or more for 2 leg quarters! I don’t know why we can’t get frozen or canned greens, lima beans, spinach, squash, creamed corn, okra, butterbeans, a piece of celery with a dab of peanut butter, etc. The new Co. cut out the sugar packs, salt and pepper packs. So we got no seasoning at all and nothing to sweeten oatmeal.

I could care less about a damn pattie. I despise them. Give me real meat or keep it. They love to throw patties at these juveniles in here who love any kind of unhealthy fast food.

If these canteens would provide some wholesome food items at reasonable rates, this place would be a little more tolerable. I would love to be able to buy some sliced preem in the package or beef jerky — it’s at least real meat in a non-security threat disposable package.

Some jails sell very small palm held battery radios that you must use cheap headphones to listen to, that cost under $10.00. Those would be ideal and help eliminate disputes and anger with 50+ people vying to work on the TV! These youth only care to watch sports, violent gangsta movies, anything rap oriented and damn cartoons. Virtually none care to see the news (unless someone they know is shown being sought for killing or shooting) or anything that is politically associated. There is a lot one can do in their cell alone listening to the radio — from listening to news, NPR, talk shows, Bible study, good music, etc.

I spoke to Captain Barnes last week about radios. He quickly said NO. They always cry it’s a security concern when they don’t want to do something to change for the better — or when they cannot offer a single plausible reason not to do something. They are so in the “ice age” in North Carolina jails and corrections.

Don’t even mention that Uncle Tom’s Cabin pathetic Major Paul Martin. The Sheriff knew what he was doing when he sent that “house N” to the forum to do damage control for the “massah!”

I an others are thankful for all of those who helped make the event take place and who attended and were clarions for us in bonds, Hopefully future meetings will be more productive and someone other than Martin will appear on the Sheriff’s behalf since Nefarious Andrews is too good to come on his own. He’s too busy making commercials with those other two sheriffs thumping for Roy Cooper to be governor. There is no difference between Cooper and McCrory. Both lie like hell and pander to their own cronies. If Cooper had been governor when HB2 surfaced, he would be backing it to the Nth degree. And have the entire Bible Belt behind him. He is as hypocritical as McCrory is. I liked Bernie better, but I’ll vote for Hillary. I won’t vote for Cooper or McCrory, I’ll vote for Deborah Ross — can’t stand Burr — and I’ll vote Ken Spaulding for Gov. I will really pick carefully for these appellate court state judges. Many of them need to get gone! They look out for cronies and crap all over the proletariat! Let me shut up. You guys keep up the good work. I hope to join y’all in the near future! God bless!

Jim Price



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