Oct 13 2016

Dear IOA

Sorry it took a while to respond to your letter. I’ve been kind of down, but thanks for the care that you guys and the rest of our supporters give. Nothing has really changed on my end of the deal. I’m in the same pod locked down for 22 and a half hours. Yes, ABL has taken over with handling our trays. I’m actually surprised the food’s better, but there will never be no place like home. As you know, they took our cups and spoons. I’m not with that idea. They don’t clean the trays they feed us on good. So imagine the cups and spoons. I’ve seen some cups since they took them that didn’t look clean. They claim the cups are new as well as the spoons, but they’re not. This jail is full of shit. I’ve heard stories about the mental health pod but they’re all different so I don’t know what to say about it. Ms. Kelly and the mental health staff are way overworked, but I’m glad she’s getting a pod for her patients. I have to go, thanks again for writing and than you to guards like Ms. Corbit and Ms Gayle for the encouraging words they give me to keep my head up. To my fellow inmates, stay strong.




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