Cold Tray

Dear Feedback,

What’s good witcha? Not too much this way but a lot of bullshit, which comes wit doin’ time anywhere you go. But “Durham jail” is somethin’ I have neva’ seen before. I’ve been to some craziazz jailz in my life! Damn, fo’give me, I am Jermaine Carson. I am now doin’ 300 days in this – I don’t know what to call it??

I won’t take up much of your time. I just wanted to say to the outside what just went down wit’ me – ‘mi Queen’ – she’s truly just that to me and all that gets to know her. She sent me a hot tray the otha’ day that cost her $11.86. I looked fo’ it on the sheet they pass around. That ‘Bull’ passes that is & the tray was fo’ $7.00 & I almost lost my mind! How in the fuc’ are they — ‘he’ gettin’ ova’ like that. She’s all I got out there & “he’s” fuc’in her wit’out her knowin’ and that’s got me all beside myself twice — then it comes col’!! (Bastad)


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