‘We’ve been taught to love a song that blatantly disrespects us’


What’s happening? I’m glad you reached out to me. I do have a few comments concerning a few different topics. First I want to shout out the new food company ABL. They holding it down with the new food changes they’re regulating with. After eating Aramark for 3.5 years and now eating ABL’s I truly understand that Aramark are a bunch of damn crooks. Words can’t explain how much of a shame and absurd it is how they’ve got over for all these years on what they served to us as “food.”

Next shout out to Danielle Mace. What you told me they did to you was unacceptable and I hope you push with legal action till you receive the proper acknowledgment you deserve to expose these bastards. Nothing but love shorty. Next I want to acknowledge a recent incident that took place last week. Officer Faulkner kicked us off the recreation yard after 30 minutes of basketball. (as also described in this post)Now we supposed to receive an hour, 30 for basketball and 30 for soccer. Mainly because the few Latinos that be in the block should get an option to partake in their preferred sport. So we felt he was being an ass (which he was), we decided to request our second 30 so we could play soccer. His response was we can’t play soccer because we’re not Hispanic. Can you believe that? So of course this starts an argument which ended with us requesting for the sergeant. When the sergeant came in (officer Sergeant Coleman of the 5th floor) he and Faulkner stand to the side, make a couple subtle jokes (laughing), then he inform us we couldn’t play soccer cause we was black and the Hispanics couldn’t play basketball because they wasn’t black. So when we threaten to all write letters to Mike Andrews and file grievances, they did the usual in calling our bluff by acting as if they didn’t mind while telling us to go ahead and telling us how to spell their names correctly. I’m tired of this jail and the half-ass way it’s being run.

How can they dictate what sport we play with the color of our skin? By the time we was done arguing and discussing the issue rec was over and it was time to lock back. All in all, they knew the outcome was them running our walk time out, in result even though they knew they was wrong by running our time down, they still got what they wanted. Damn shame. Also, it’s the same with the TV. We can’t look at B.E.T. because at one point they played videos that got us in an “uproar” at times so to end that they banned these channels. Even CMT. The crazy part if over half these TV networks don’t play music videos anymore, only movies and sitcoms. It’s not fair and I think this is something that should be looked into and fought/protested for. Every win counts.

Finally, I want to speak on this Star Spangled Banner protest. It’s really crazy these incidents have occurred with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not only do I totally agree with the protest, my argument goes deeper. I recently been doing as much history reading as possible on the U.S.A. or for anything really but a few months ago I came across an 11th grade civics today book. Its subjects consisted of U.S. history, North Carolina in particular. I ran across the Star Spangled Banner. And realize the song’s pretty lengthy and they don’t sing the whole song before every big game. So while I’m reading it would you imagine my surprise when I came across the 3rd verse of the song and it said: “Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and the slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave. I don’t know about anybody else but the only slaves I remember in our history was blacks, and until somebody can send me a good reason as to the meaning of the sentences I take it for exactly for what it’s saying. To make matters worse I do a little digging come to find out the man who wrote the song was a slave owner during the days of our slavery. His name was Francis Scott Key. I personally find it highly offensive that this was made our nation’s national anthem. It’s damn disrespectful. Things just like this gets dangled in our faces on day to day basis, but because of how brainwashed we are we fail to see. We’ve been taught to love a song that blatantly disrespects us to our faces, but most of us is so blind we fail to see it. They laughing at our ignorance. We got to get educated. If I would have never opened that book I would have never known the truth. We got to start opening these books and not just reading what they want us to see, but understanding the truth behind the message.kaep-7

In the struggle, fighting back.                                                                      -Tom Tom

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