‘We are so hard that we are afraid of change’

That’s what held us down for a long time back in the day. Even when times was hard, there was honor among thrifts. If I sold sandwiches, the next man would sell soda. We all find a way to help each other keep living. There was nobody robbing each other. Because the game was so real you kept extra to give away. That’s why it was all love back in the day. Then came unity and power cause we had each other’s back. I don’t care what color you wear.  At the end of the day you are still just a convict. Both sides are fighting each other making it hard for all black men. And that’s “keeping it real.” Cause the system is winning over us all. Our family’s out there fighting to help us in here, and make ends meet out there in that world. That’s why we all need to stop fighting ourselves and each other in here. And fight together to overcome the system. I’m just one man, think more men, more power. We can stop this biased system if we stop hurting, killing and pulling each other down. Why keep making a fool out our self and stand up? You say you a man, so why you act like a boy? Are you afraid it might work? Afraid that we may come out on top? We are so hard that we are afraid of change. Is that why we allowing the system to hold our hands like we kids? But quick to say you are a man. And afraid to do right by taking care of yourself and family. You can’t be strong if you don’t have a back bone. I’m first partaking in what I’m saying. Cause I’m sitting here in the county jail myself. Let another man tell me when to come out and into a cell. Feed me when they get ready. It’s always a different time everyday.  Being a real man I did it to myself. It will be over after while cause I’m putting my case in God’s hand. Oh!!! I’m not afraid to pray for help or change in my life. That’s the first step to being a real man. The choice is yours alone.

God Bless


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