‘I pray that all my brothers make it through’

Unity—One body—More Power

We are all convicts at the end of the day. I don’t bang nothing. But we killing each other on the outside. And it’s no better on the inside. Do we not see the system is trying to lay us down. It’s black and white right in front of our face. They don’t care about red or blue. The only color standing behind these walls are black. Young or old, we as black men are losing power in a system that wants us to fall. Now I see how our loved ones feel when blacks are killing blacks. So tell me how do we stand together when the police is killing black men, too? Then we say shit not right because the police get away with it. Are our black men saying they don’t need help killing their own? Wow, how would a black man stand up to that shit forreal? I thought the man make the color, not the color make the man. Damn, that’s some sad shit. I pray that all my brothers make it through our personal fight within this biased system.

–, they got us trying to vote. For people we don’t even know nothing about. You know the jail is full of black men with little knowledge on life. That’s why they are dying young or the system is giving them a life sentence. At this rate I feel we are selling out on our own people. Will we ever get ahead of this foolish bullshit? I feel some blacks are so lost with anger we are fighting the wrong people. Is that why we hurt each other? It didn’t start last night. It built up over a period of time.

Then we got a problem with getting bowls for soups. I asked Bull for a bowl. He told me I have to buy soup to get a bowl. Then I saw people who bought five to six soups. And he gave them only one bowl. The bowl can only be used one time. So my question is this: If I have forty five bowls? I had the soup before you started the new shit? And I know the jail is not trying to buy back all my soups. Even if they give me the bowls I need. The officers will come behind him and shake down. Now I don’t have bowls again. Tell me that’s not crazy.

Well, I gave you three stories you can post in feedback. The first one is the most real one of them all. I’m trying to go home and not get caught up in this bullshit. Bad enough the state is playing games with my life. They tell me I can’t get a speedy trial. I’m not taking the plea to 7.3 to 9.9 years. So the max they say is 36-39 years. The charges I came in on I didn’t do it. Now their victim is on the run from the law. My lawyer knows she’s lying, cause she lied on the stand in court. Her story don’t even add up in the motion discovery. It’s all lies, but the state is trying to convict me on my past. They gave me three new charges since I been here. I got two of them in July and never got a first appearance on them. I wasn’t arrested with no weapon, but now I have two weapons charges.

Wow, they don’t have no more paper. Any way it’s getting cold. I hope to make it in here with sickle cell. My joints hurt real bad when it’s cold. I guess that’s when they going to come back with another plea. Thinking if I’m tired of hurting I will take the plea. …


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