On the Road


To all that still in the struggle:

I pray that all is well with you all in DCJ. I had to take my show on the road, so as I sit here in the Orange Co. Jail, looking at my surroundings, it’s still jail, but somethings are better here and worse also. But you have to adapt to where you are. But the struggle is still the same.

The food is better. Woke to grits, eggs – real eggs – the ones you crack open. O.J. freshly squeezed (LOL), hot coffee, and baked bread, jelly. Yeah, to get a Tylenol is only $10.00. No lock back, phone stay on till 11:00pm. It’s hard to get in touch with lawyer. No C.O. in the block. Went to first appearance on a video screen. But the struggle is still the same.

You have a lot of brothers and sisters going across the street everyday Mon-Fri 9-5 fighting for their freedom & life. So by no means get it twisted. It’s not sweet here. We face the same questions. The justice system is broke here also. As I look around, it’s only just-us. You have to read between the lines here and expose them and their actions (the jails), because we have a voice and a say. That is what IOA gives us. A way to draw attention to what is really going on.

So put your pen and paper to work and your faith. I start by getting on my knees asking God of my understanding to only let me speak and write the truth.

By faith: now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. So put your faith and pen to work!

Shout out to 5-C (Big)

Still in the struggle,

Coy Saunders

Orange County Jail

125 Court St.

Hillsborough, NC 27278

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