The Pain Box


To my bros & sisters in the struggle,

As I sit here in OCJ, I see one thing that I’ve seen in all jails. It’s the pain box sitting on the wall. If you in Durham County Jail, it’s times six because it’s six of them there at your convenience. So as I sit here I’ve noticed that this pain box dishes out pain, misery, defeat, anger, and the list goes on. Only a few have mastered this box of pain, mostly by force, and some by choice. By force I mean, you have to pay to play, and to me it’s not cheap. People will feed the pain box instead of feeding themselves. People will trade their trays and go hungry for a chance to get on this pain box, only to be upset when you get off of it and starve to get back on it and be ready to fight if you can’t. This is only my opinion and everybody has one. Just take the time and look at it. You might agree with me.

Now, on the other hand, a few, and I mean a few, seem to know how to control the abuse of this pain box by seeing what it does to others. But these few know very well how much damage the pain box can do. The pain box is also a tool and tactic they use against us. Pick it up and it will tell you that they are listening to who and what you are saying, trying to build their case against you. Don’t believe me (ask around the pod). It’s serious, the pain box!!!

To be updated in a pod near you. If you don’t believe me, just watch!!

A shoutout to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep hope alive, and the devil is a lie.

Pray stay in the world, read your Bible, have Bible study, pray for each other and keep the faith. 5-C it’s already written,

Big keep your heads up,

Still fighting 4 freedom,

Coy Saunders AKA Plastic


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