‘I’m not a half person’


Dear —

Thanks for writing to me. It took me a long time to write you back cause of my mental health and medical problems. Right now, as I write to you, it is very much a hard struggle. I don’t want my name in the feedback, only my initial L.

These are the things I want talked about. One, I’m not a half person. I’m like the singer Usher. If I’m gonna tell it, then I’m gonna tell it all!

1.) Bed bugs, or some kind of bugs I’m not sure. Now I don’t know what this meant, but before they did it I kept complaining. These bugs were eating away at us. But n-e-ways, over the weekend in the women’s pod of 5D (maybe the whole jail), Mr. Ham and his supervisor gave “everybody” brand new washcloths, towels, 1 sheet, blanket and laundry bag!

2.) Next, on the 1st of the month from what I’ve been told Aramark no longer has anything to do with the (meal preparation) at the jail. For breakfast, choc milk, real eggs, orange juice was given! Since the 1st til now, the food has been a little better by this new company. But, being honest, it still could be better. And it wouldn’t hurt to get salt/pepper each meal!

3.) I have been coming to this jail for a long time. A lot of officers will not help me. Employees here hate me cause I don’t let inmates or officers just do anything to me.

4.) Put in the newsletter that I’ve requested a conference with Major Couch, and Colonel Perkins, and have been ignored.

5.) Put this in the paper. Our mental health doctor name is Dr. K. A person may say to the doctor can I have my meds switch, and the doctor can re-arrange them as they may better help me!

6.) Also, I can’t hear out my left ear. There’s paperwork from Central Regional in Butner. This doctor told me word for word the reason why she’s not really stressing it is because she thinks I’m “just using it as a crutch.” When these words came out of her mouth I was so upset I stormed out. Also, I suffer from a disease that causes me to have muscle spasms in my left shoulder. And pulls my neck. There’s this medication the doctor has ordered for another female but she won’t write for me. She should not be allowed to practice.

Ok, I’ve written a lot. And I hear voices in my head…If the mental health doctor would change my dosage, and we didn’t get our meds from the health department, it would quiet the voices down a lot. But, I’ve written a lot and I’m tired and I’m gonna end now. Please put this information in the feedback.



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