‘They are trying to kill us’

“The Cup Train of Genocidal Bacteria” (Crossover Contamination)

I’m going to try to keep this to the point and very detailed as well…

Announcement Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016 around 4:15 p.m. in which C.O. Ms. Henderson stated cups would finally start being taken up after every meal to be cleaned periodically…Cool! ‘Bout time!!! Since it had been two weeks from when they first mentioned it on Pod 5A. Decent solution to keep things sanitary, but (there’s always a but when it comes to D.C.J.) Monday when cups was brought up for breakfast they were wet with soap residue and Bob Barker lotion sticker labels on them, black debris, deodorant labels, and teeth marks on the cups (before I go on, who bites on a cup, really, though?). This is still highly unsanitary…this is supposed to be new beginnings, but (again) D.C.J. is starting out the same old way. These labels I know have built-up bacteria, and a simple wash in the kitchen’s hemi where inmates smoke to cover the cigarette smoke with the washer’s steam, the same individuals preparing our food still, is not going to cut it. Today, —- was sitting next to me after grabbing his cup out the rack, checking it, putting juice in it, sitting down and eating, comes to drink his juice and chokes on something that was in the cup. He laughed it off, but I take it serious looking at my cup curiously and decide to sling my juice in the shower. And these breakfast trays have gotten worse than a major rush on your butt hole. D.C.J. is mocking our intelligence. They are trying to kill us. After inmates finish…being half-minded, put their used cups in the clean cup racks! Now others scramble to figure out what cups is ok to grab. I’ll end with this: as of now we can’t have cups in the cell or we’ll get written up but we are supposed  to consume at least 8 cups of water per day. The only way you can have a cup is if you buy canteen, but what about people that don’t have money for canteen. And they also have confiscated all eating utensils, and you can only get that if you purchase soups.

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