Disturbing the peace


Pod 5 A, Correction Officer Ms. McMillan

It is well known that a group of individuals is considered a community in the world, be they detained or not. So on Sunday, September 25, 2016 @ 3 a.m., C.O. Ms. McMillan goes throughout the pod being loud and obnoxious, banging detainees doors intentionally waking us up. For several people, after being awakened, they could not go back to sleep. For one, we have been agitated and woken out of our sleep. Second, detainees are now in an uproar so it’s even louder than her banging our doors that originally woke us up. When we finally came out for breakfast at 6:15 a.m., she was making a complete mockery of all detainees she disturbed and laughing about, saying to certain detainees, “If I knew I was hitting your cell door I would have banged harder and longer.” Those are her exact words, word for word, no exaggerations. Every time she works this pod—5 A—she’s always playing around with detainees. Is it a bad thing? Yes! And No!…Yes because her job or any c.o.’s job stipulations does not include playing and joking with detainees like we are kids. No! because at least some c.o.’s don’t treat us like animals. Some c.o.’s are the animals (behavior-wise) themselves. Ms. McMillan really needs to be reported on her work ethic and conduct as a c.o. and a member of society. (Ecclesiastes 3) “There is  a time and place for everything under the sun.” This is not the place. I charge her on the grounds of DTP and I’m not talking about Ludacris.

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