‘The hole: another form of control’

Hello Comrade,

How are you? I wrote you a letter last month and it was returned. I don’t know what that was about. As for me I’m still standing and always prepared to fight. I’m back in population now but I appreciated the solitude for them 30 days. I met a good brother and a comrade for life. Was that y’all out there about (three) weeks ago protesting, if so I heard y’all but I couldn’t see. And what was y’all chanting? My assessment of the hole is, it’s just another form of control. You come out of your cell for an hour 3 times a week to take a shower and to walk. After you shower you are handcuffed and shackled for what reason I don’t know because you are the only one out for your walk. Like I said it’s just another form of control. I haven’t noticed anything with the food yet, but I will let you know. I read the newspaper the other day and someone wrote in how the media and the IOA shouldn’t be allowed to talk to the sheriff how he was talked to. Y’all must have really lay into him. Now I know why my letter was sent back, lol. There’s no unity in here. It seems like principle living is a thing of the past. No one has any morals. The gangs look like they have unity, but it’s a facade. The Latinos have more unity than any group in here, and the 3 or 4 whites stick together, i guess that’s about it.


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