‘The world is watching and this is only the beginning’

This letter was returned to the sender for no reason back in early September. He re-sent it with another letter.


Power Comrade

After reading the last edition of feedback my current situation changed. I was placed in solitary confinement for an altercation with another detainee, for which I was given 30 days. Everybody except myself looked at it as if it was a bad thing. I don’t look at things one-sided. As I said after reading feedback, and observing what’s been happening lately as far as the killings of black men and the police, and observing my surroundings in here it seems like people are numb or they just don’t care. It’s no real talk about it, all they talk about is sports, playing poker or which female d.o. lets you – on her, it’s sad. On another note there was this article in feedback that I really liked, and I said to myself I would like to meet him. It was kind of spiritual. I didn’t know his name, only the initials, or how he looked. I was standing in my door and I showed a person the article and he said it was him, and this is before we had a conversation. He’s a wonderful brother, and he will be my brother and comrade for life.

Why were you surprised about my yoga and running? I do everything in my cell. I run in place for hours at a time, I do yoga when I get up in the morning and before I work out and before bed. There’s nothing like a good swat to clear your pores. And I’m not a meat eater. Even though they don’t serve any, l.o.l. when things are taken from you, the perfect path remains.

My opinion on what’s going on with the recent events across the country, is I seen it coming. We’re living in a digital era, we get news at real time, so they can’t sweep things under the rug anymore and everybody is walking around with a handheld camera, so the world is watching and this is only the beginning.

At times of peace I’m prepared for war



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