‘It pose to be justice system not slavery system’

Sep 18-16

I’m doing ight. I’m making it. The HRC form—I never got it!

I heard about the march and they locked down the whole jail because of it. This shit is crazy how this system work. But the thing is how the people let them do it. If we gon’ do something, let’s do it right. I heard that there pose to be a new company that’s doing food. When is that supposed to start? Because the food is still fucked up! Then, if they getting rid of Aramark do that mean the canteen prices going to drop?

Another thing WTF is up with us only coming out for 6 hours and 30 minutes a day—there are 24 hours in a day? Why do we have to be locked down all the time? Plus, why is the calls so much? I call my family and the calls are $2.25. I’m calling people in Durham. That’s robbery! Then they charge $27 for a phone card, why the fuck they charging $7 extra? I can understand a dollar, but $7?

Plus, a lot of this shit they have on canteen you can buy at dollar tree for a dollar and on canteen it’s $3.20.

They shouldn’t be able to do this shit. It pose to be “justice system” not “slavery system.” If they have enough to lock you up. Why they keep us lock up so long when we are trying to go to trial? Can someone answer that for me plz??

Thanks for your time.   –M.R.

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