‘They didn’t cover my issues…’


“Well, I guess the only thing I didn’t or don’t miss is being locked down all these hours, watching them damn jailers watching TV or playing on the computer instead of watching me!”

Well, I read the paper on the forum. I’m not really sure, it just seems like they didn’t cover my issues, and then the 42 letters, if true, would be like 8% of the inmates. Hell I sent at least 3 on 4 different topics: food, medical & dental, lawyers taking too many clients. You could imagine guys what it’s like in here, not able to defend yourself at all, with lawyers that won’t answer our letters, mail, email, and for those who have loved ones or friends on the outside to aid in communication with your lawyer, they still aren’t able to contact them for months on going! As my case gets weaker, theirs gets stronger!

Hopefully better meals around October 1st. Medical, they’re pretty much like most jails, just ain’t worth a shit. I really never understood them, the lie, each day, like it means nothing to them. But the dentist, their good guys, it’s when they work through medical is what really messes it up totally!

When I got rid of my lawyer, I wrote to seven different ones. I’m sure Lisa Williams hopes she’s seen the last of me! Hell, it’s like she kept my discovery from February to August. They took my DNA in February. It takes six months or more for it to come back. They never even got it until August. If I could make $780,000 bond it wouldn’t matter! But I can’t. Do you see what I’m getting at, she cost me 6-7 months, that’s at the least…I’m still very upset with her. She doesn’t care about no one but her self.

Now the dentist I went 6 weeks before I seen the dentist, and that’s with an infection from day one…My teeth are showing their age! I ask medical to give me some antibiotics, they refused and told me wait until you see the dentist. Hell, you can get but 2/200 mg motrin in the morning, 2 in the evening. That’s it, lucky if you get salt to make a solution to help…I still see people with their jowls all swollen up, means nothing to them! Me and —, was at the dentist and we both confronted the dentist explaining that long list of people that medical tends to screw up! He told us that they are willing ot come more, but medical has the say-so! And they said they didn’t have the budget! You know as well as me, they’re breaking laws with this…They tell us it’s the dentist’s fault! They’re the ones that handle the list. This is the bullshit, run-around medical is doing. Please…give to us what you can and any information that could aid us to fight these assholes. — has been to the dentist two times, he’s been waiting again now going on 5 to 6 weeks, with infection and pain, just like I was. The dentist only gets paid once for each visit. Four to five guys is probably the max. Hell, there are 11 or 12 pods here with 45-60 guys or gals. That’s not even 1 person per pod..Know all of this is facts—it’s sick!

I know I’ve sent quite a few comics recently. During that hard time with my lawyer, it seems to help me blow off a little steam. Well, anyways, I’m sending a blank one, it can be called “Jail Talk”, and others can add their own lines to it as they want. You know, like, if you’re lost ask a cab, or if you want to find out what’s going on in the neighborhood, talk to your hair-dresser! People can write their own lines to tell a story.

Now this comic about mental health is pretty important. If you remember a couple of months ago I made a comic about a guy in cell #36. He was coming off dope and told medical he couldn’t think straight and if they could help please do. Well, they took him to lockdown, where he was only out of his cell for one hour or less with a couple of Tylenols! That’s 52 thousand, I believe it! These comics, they are for real! Mental health patients are dealt with by force, or lockdown. Very, very few are on meds. They have a medical lockdown, it’s basically lockback.

All for now.



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