‘How can they get away with this, and press charges on me!’

To whom it may concern:

My name is Danielle Mace. I am 26 years old. While I’ve been here I was recently charged with felony assault causing physical injury to a detention employee and misdemeanor assault on government official, which (excuse my language) is Bullshit. During this time, I was punched, bruised and choked by the officers themselves. When in medical for that, I was refused an inmate injury report and no pictures were taken. When I said I wanted to press charges I was also refused that right. It is an outrage. How can this can happen and they get away with this, yet they are able to press charges on me!

If you can help by spreading this story I would graciously appreciate it! I have been trying to get the address to ABC 11 or any news station out there that will listen and to no avail. Please put this in the newsletter. Thank you!

— Danielle Mace

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