Back to School Thesis, part 2: ‘Input passive and submissive thought’

see part 1 here

Let’s take a trip to colonial America, where you had 1% of the population owning 44% of the land. Where you had out of 6,000 people of New York, 1,000 were property owners. Where the percent of homeless males was 29% and 3/4 of the land was granted to 30 people. Where the beginning of our society, one percent of the population owns 25 percent of the wealth. In this very same society, there was: 18 uprisings, 6 Black slave rebellions, and 40 riots of various origins. By 1760. Now, let’s take a look at this. A wealthy man named John Locke wrote a document that later on became the philosophical groundwork for our Declaration of Independence. This document was called The Second Treatise on Government. This very same man held a personal belief that lower-class children should be trained to work from the age of three. His exact words were “I regret that the labor of poor children is generally lost to the public till they are twelve or fourteen years old.” He suggested that all children over three, of families on relief should attend “working schools” so they will be “from infancy …inured to work.” This is the same person who basically laid the groundwork for “our declaration.” Maybe Locke’s dehumanizing theory did work. If you pay attention to the public schools you’ll notice that kids are not taught how to think, but what to think! Within schools that are placed for the general public, by the government (the same general public that consists of the exploited social majority low and low-middle class) you’ll see nothing more than a modernized “working school,” in which we are taught a shoddy curriculum modified by the government. When I say by the government, I’m not saying the UFO, Alien, 9/11 was all government tools kinda thing. I’m speaking of the reality, that this government, founded by people like John Locke, are truly out for their own personal, capitalist interest. Wake up! Okay, back to the schools. Now, who funds our schools? Us, the taxpayers. Okay, who appoints the administrators, who appoint the people who teach our kids. The school board appoints the administrators. Who appoints the people to sit on the school board committee? Voters. But those who sit on school boards and even run for school boards are really decided by people higher up the chain. At the end of this chain it’s the few wealthy people who run the world who inevitably will work towards their own interest. These people are not fueled by love but by greed! These are the people who got the strings attached to the people who teach our kids!

Now, the school isn’t the ones who teach our kids, no. It’s these appointed teachers, who are following the instruction and curriculum given to them by the administrators who are appointed by the board of education, which is made up of those wealthy men and their scapegoat puppets.

So, these teachers can either do as told or they also could teach some of their own knowledge. Majority of them are going to do as told and there are a select few who will do the right thing and teach and help cultivate a young, growing mind, because in reality that’s the most precious gift you can have.

Now we see the problem: Teachers teaching our kids what to think, not how to think. Okay, let’s take a look at the solution. #4 of the 12 point program and platform say, We need community control of over own institutions! Why? Because if we continue to let our kids be taught in these Agent Smith Academies (from The Matrix), then that’s all we’ll have. You already see kids rejecting school, it’s not because they don’t want to learn, but because they truly are not learning anything. Schools are not stimulating the child’s mind, they’re simply taking away the individuality and inputting their passive and submissive train of thought. So therefore, the kids are turning to their communities for answers, but yet all they get is ‘murder, kills, steal, and separation’ because our community is already shot to hell because of this systematic cycle. At the end of the day, we truly are our worst enemy, despite the horrible facts that the system is targeting us and exploiting us. We still have to keep in mind that not only is it the system’s fault, but also ours for simply realizing this and not creating change. It’s truly sad that a lot of great minds are being wasted and a lot of potential is being cast aside, to pick up these stereotypical roles that the media portrays, the schools teach and entertainment hypes and glamours up. And nobody is doing nothing but talking about how fucked up it is, or they’re pointing the finger of judgment. It’s our fault, too, we are the enemies, too, because we aren’t lending a hand and walking towards a path of change with each other. We’re content with this shit!

How many upper class citizens you see unemployed, incarcerated, being exploited, or killing each other?

Wake up Amerikkka.

Mu’izz Mumit Shabazz

Will they kill me next?

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