‘Are you the light bringer?’: 3 poems

You’ve been lost.

Stumbling through the darkness searching for the light.

Or maybe content with the darkness and afraid of what the light may bring. 

Many things the light will bring!

It will shine upon my people, condemn many and uplift most!

“Are you the light bringer?”

“That I may be, but if I was to post you the knowledge would you uplift and share?”

This is the question in which God chooses his followers.

Those whom he bestows goodness and expects them to lead others outta the oppressing darkness.

Are you the light bringer?

El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

I’d never imagined it would come to this!

My fellow brethren looking to strike me down.

After all I’ve given, after all I’ve lost, all of my sacrifices at what cost?

You still let envy poison your souls and ruin a beautiful relationship.

You’ve become tools of the enemy and set us back as a whole.

After all I taught, after all I showed, and yet you still don’t understand–

Progress has been prevented, by my own brother’s hand!


Day dreaming of tomorrow while I strive through today.

Ambitious thought of the future while I retain the knowledge to convey.

My dreams of a new utopia, born from a heart of struggles.

Wanting to see for my brother as for myself.

Trying to figure out the problems in which I stumble upon in life.

How can I achieve my dreams and still live right?

Faith, an answer without the equation.

Wake up to my reality and paint a picture with words to captivate it!

My day dreams of success!














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