Back to School Thesis

We are students for 4 years, but we’re oppressed our whole lives. This is the sad but true part of the educational/capitalist system that supports this oppression. Before I begin this thesis, I would like to tell the readers what inspired me to write this. I (recently) received a letter from a young woman who is in high school and on her summer vacation is taking the time to learn about activism. She wrote me as part of a project her organization was doing. I enjoy seeing consciousness among young people such as her, and for her I wrote this.

In Amerikkka’s capitalist/imperialist system the main means for taming the majority are: schools, media, work, entertainment and religion. When the Amerikkkans subdued the African slaves they did so with religion. When the Amerikkkan army landed in Puerto Rico, they brought with them not only soldiers, but teachers, administrators, economists, etc. In the mid-20th century they used the media to slander and promote hate against communism. Modern days, the government uses all the above plus work and entertainment to keep the majority unaware, and unconscious to the fact that the Amerikkkan government is systematically pushing cultural, mental and physical genocide. Bullets and bombs aren’t the only way to kill people, you know.

I wish I could touch base upon each one of their tactics, but today since kids are going back to school, and I’ve been inspired by a student, we’re going to tackle the school issue!

Inefficient administrators + racist uncaring teachers + irrelevant curriculum +lying textbooks + a prison atmosphere = Mental & Cultural Genocide. In a place where if your skin is colored you have only one prescribed month to learn about moderate figures of your race and a whole year to study upon the “righteousness” of the capitalist whites, the result is cultural genocide.  Also, it bluntly kills the urge for one to obtain knowledge. In a place where almost everything you learn is irrelevant to your everyday struggle for survival and you feel as if none of your instructors understand you or what you go through the result is mental genocide. We understand that by herding us into these brain-washing centers, our enemy is trying to kill our desire to learn, and destroy the abilities we need and the skills we need to fight and overthrow this capitalist society that exploits us to the fullest extent and turns our brothers and sisters with revolutionary anger against one another. Our brothers and sisters are daily giving up on knowledge in frustration with this institution. They’re turning to drugs, the streets, and their peers, searching for the answers in which the schools either refuse to or just cannot give them. This in reality, is a main factor in minority high school drop our rates, and the dropout rates are also a major factor in crime, and crime the factor of incarceation.

Our history

Color me indoctrinated!

Think about it: Throughout school you are taught Christopher Columbus was a great explorer who discovered the “land of the free.” When in actuality he came and taught religion to “civilize” the “savages,” saw the great wealth of their land, saw the opportunity to become a great individual, conquered the natives and produced the beginning of mass genocide: wiping out the majority of the land’s inhabitants, and enslaved the remaining few ,  leading to the creation of colonies/separation and finally brought African slaves and used the natives as slaves to also help cultivate these newly acquired lands. He brought this terror and horror amongst North and South America. He and the Spaniards destroyed cultures and they people for the sake of plunder. But yet we celebrate his (I believe) birthday every year. These are facts they’ll never teach you in school. Just pick up the book, A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

The school attempts to play this down, but our ancestors’ blood that’s running through our veins is a testament—we are the testaments. The oppressing heal of imperialism/capitalism has bore us down for generations on, and our souls are crying out for justice, that’s the reason why we cannot relate and cannot believe the bullshit they’re feeding us. That’s the reason why we must put the institution of public schools into the hands of the public! Action must be taken. The power must be placed in our hands, and those who are in solidarity with us. Because we are the future, and I personally refuse to live in a future and raise my kids in the future dominated by the past! The time for mental liberation is now.

2017 Back-to-School is going to change something! The time for moderateness is OVER! The time for change is NOW! You can never stop an idea whose time has come, or people who have been awakened! With that being said, let’s remove the veils that these capitalist devils place upon us and work towards a better tomorrow for the oppressed world!

~United we stand, divided we fall~

~Seize the schools~

~All Power to the People~

~Each one, teach one~

In solidarity

Mu’izz Mumit Shabazz

1218 Movement

Minister of Defense

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