‘Now I’m going through the same thing in Hillsborough’

Hello, how are you? Not sure who I’m writing by name, but I’m familiar with your work and organization. Y’all used to send me newsletters and stuff during my 22 and a half month stay in Durham County Jail from May 2012 to March 2014. I sat in there through lockbacks and all for a charge that was dismissed that I did not have anything to do with which I believe the police knew from the start. But anyway, now I’m going through the same type of thing here in Hillsborough…for starters the medical staff is worse than Durham up here, but assault are not common as far as I know. The food is better aslo, but mats, sheets, jumpsuits (uniforms), etc. are all old and raggedy. This jail makes lots of money though because they are a temporary holdover for federal inmates just like Alamance County and a couple others. The jail is very old, so the air conditioning goes out a lot due to the fact it’s summer time now, and the power/lights all together go out every now and then, too! They have me in small six man cell all day/every day (24/7) that is more like a holding cell or bullpen for temporary housing in a courthouse. One toilet, one shower, one table and a TV with old antenna service and like 10 or so regular channels, mostly news channels. The jail still has bars, too. They are old, nasty and rusted. They recently had someone come in to paint over the rusted air vents that have black mold inside them we inhale everyday. Food slots are filthy, layers of dust is everywhere, too. We are supposed to go outside Mon, Wed, and Fridays, but don’t get to for recreation a lot because the officers are lazy and don’t want to work. Small jail and not much work anyways, on top of that mail takes at least a week or more to send and receive when it used to only take two or three days. Hopefully, you get this letter. I gave your address to a couple others as well. But that’s all for now, talk to you later.

B. T.

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