‘You lay with dogs you get fleas’

Feedback buddies,

I’m going to throw this out there. Cause I getting tired of that, too. They have young female officers in here that come to work to play. I’m too old for you to be in your feeling when you can’t play. I mean trying to pull rank as if I’m one of the young guys they play with. And the officer over them always back them as if they are right. Then they want to talk to you any kind of way. Oh, even down to wanting you to lock back cause you not going to let them disrespect you. It’s like a child not knowing her place. Even at work you know how to carry one self. But it’s always the inmate on the wrong end. I think that’s why it’s a lot of fights in this jail. So how do it get better when nothing is been done to make change? Now the only control is to lock down the whole jail. And it’s not right. So why do we have to take this shit? Cause we are in jail. But wait, I feel we are still human first. I would love to get some feedback on that.

I’m keep it real with all my brothers in the jail. I’ve been doing time for over thirty years now, Lord knows I’m tired. But this goes out to all the young brothers in the system.

It’s sad when a man thinks he is hard by by showing his ass; it’s not cool. Maybe that’s the reason the jail is against a person’s self respect. Do they think cause a lot of them show their ass we all the same?

My point is that young brothers wearing their pants low is degrading. So the staff think it’s ok for them to degrade us all. You have to shit and dress where they can see you in your cell. Some of us do have respect for our self. If it’s a woman on staff see you naked holding your dick, do we get a jacking charge? I feel when we open a door to something, why do we all have to play a part? Is that what our life has come to? If I mess up my rights, I did it to me no one else. We get what others give, even if they don’t know what they are giving. You lay with dogs you get fleas. Now I’m around that person, do I have fleas or will I get fleas? Do I get sprayed with the rest and I have no dog? I think it’s bullshit. My point is if I grow up with respect for others respect me. What they eat don’t make me shit. So whatever work for feedback just to see where everyone is on it. God bless.



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