‘We must kill this injustice…’

Injustice/ America Controlling the Oppressed through Class Structures

America, how smart you are in your ways of evolution. You began with slavery, then brought Jim Crow, after that began the counterintelligence breakup of Black, Yellow, Brown and Red political groups, then you created the final step in the output of crack cocaine, and its ugly partner in crime, the War on Drugs.

To your steady success in oppression and control over the Black race, I salute your ingenuity. 

These various steps in the climb to mental slavery were effective, I got to give you that. To the powers that be, y’all successfully created a system in which, 1. those who have a rebellious soul 8 times outta ten will be locked up or they will be scared of full-scale liberation; 2. those who are successful are puppets only helping to strengthen the chains; 3. and those who could be awakened and become a problem due to their conditions are enveloped in total ignorance and laziness and have no wish to come out.

With religion you struck the masses with passiveness and a “turn the other cheek” mentality…Also, with the same religion you took the drive and ambition out and replaced it with prayer, creating laziness. Oh, I forgot you also let them place the white man next to God, by the blue eyes and blond hair of Jesus.

With community public schools, you gave the masses, 1. false and low-level information; 2. removal of true consciousness; 3. no political growth; 4. no knowledge of self.

With the media, 1. you kept people ignorant with 4th-grade level entertainment and false news reports; 2. further brain washing; 3. false politics and a non-diverse standpoint.

With work, 1. you kept the oppressed working, really never achieving economic independence; 2. tired out with no time to further their knowledge; 3. under an oppressive capitalist heel where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

That’s no beginning for the urban Black community (Drugs, violence, jail and ignorance). The cycle continues, over and over again. Some chosen people must rise up under one common, inseparable banner to conquer and overthrow his injustice. Until we fully bring about an actual change, this exploitation of the many by the few will continue until times end. I’m fully prepared to go down in history, I will not stop until the achievement of this vision or death, which in reality is unpreventable. But if I must be one to lead the many, I will be the best I can be by mental and physical discipline, and conditioning. We must kill this injustice with swift revolutionary justice. Then, and only then can a true utopia be achieved, and then and only then can my soul be at ease.


The Lion Speaks/Roars

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