‘Coffee is like air, and sleep the cousin of death…’

As my daily routine changes, coffee has become like air, and sleep has become the cousin of death. I’ve been operating on 3 to 6 hours of sleep, my revolutionary studies have reached an all-time high. I currently have been disregarding individuals whose presence only waste time, and I’ve been spending more time preaching my outlook/standpoint on social issues and conditions we face. In any area, my vision has been clearing up by the day, my self-discipline  been worked on also daily. Noticing my influence, I’ve also been trying to tap into the other brothers’ consciousness.
Noticing a few promising individuals, washing my hands w/ most others, I’ve become more strict in who I associate myself with because if an individual cannot increase you, he can only decrease. I don’t believe there’s any in between. Enough of that, though.

I believe it’s been past time to which I make connections with those who also are dealing in any type of struggle. I really have to see the ideals of other organizations. I want to engage with other great minds who will and/or can relate to my social struggle. I really want to start the ground work it takes to get my two vanguards rolling. I want to keep them separate for the time being, because they are going to be the faces of two different struggles. Their missions are traveling down different roads, to merge at the final destination.

For example, I put forward my vision on the Urban Progress Improvement Association. Now I will elaborate on the second installment, Urban Liberation Organization of Defense.

I firmly believe that without an armed militia that the economical association will not be taken seriously. Also with the oversized rate of crime in the urban area, no true reform will come about without this defensive vanguard put in place, for the people, by the people.

But not only will it provide those previously stated measures, but it will awaken the revolutionary consciousness of the masses. Giving the people knowledge of self, knowledge of wealth, political knowledge and also spiritual knowledge.

Not only that, but within the ranks of this vanguard, discipline will/must be installed, because without it, it will become nothing but an unconscious gang. This discipline must be enforced vigorously without exceptions. This strict way of governing will only be for the greater good of the organization.

Within 3 to 5 years, these two associations will make a major impact on the community. Not only that, but history itself. We shall purge ignorance out the masses, and install a more progressive culture to bring the unity and the utopia that once was in the beginning of time. I know my spelling is trash, but hey everybody can’t be perfect. I know my thesis is a little unorganized, but hey, it’s 5-something in the morning, I’ve been up since 10:30 and I didn’t go to sleep the previous night until 7:00 a.m. So, hey, work with me brother…Anyway, I’ll be getting back to my studies until trays at 6:30-ish a.m.

With much love,

Your brother in the struggle,




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