‘You need to see what goes on behind closed doors’

What’s up IOA?

First off, thanks for reaching out to me. I’m just now getting your letter…7 DAYS LATER!!

I can’t stand how this system treats us, it’s like they couldn’t care less about what goes on with us because they wear a badge and can go home at the end of the day. Some of these officers think they can say and do what they want because we wear orange. But we humans, too and we got rights as well. But when we speak up, they want to holler “lock it back.” Don’t get me wrong, you got some officers who care, big shouts to them (I ain’t about to say no names due to their own scheming-ass co-workers).

Second thing is, what the hell is the deal with these high-ass bonds that these crooked judges and DA’s don’t want to come down on? I know a guy in my pod whose bond is completely unreasonable (it’s $6 million). Can you believe that? That’s a ransom fee. Now they’re trying to change the way they do visitation, they are trying to change it to us talking to our relatives through a television set. I am so serious!

Last, but certainly not least, this stupid ass GTL phone service crap! They be robbing people blind and you can’t get that money back. They need to go back to Pay-Tel. Now, let’s talk about the food service. I’m tired of not getting full from what I eat. Shoot, they feed you just for you to be hungry again hours later, matter of fact, minutes later because once you use the bathroom you’re hungry again. If they can eat real food in Orange County, then why not here? I’m telling you, you guys need to get on some undercover shit so you can really see what goes on behind closed doors. Help us Amplified Voices…please.

In struggle,


P.S. Shouts go out to my big bro Gotti, my homies Glizzy, 3Skii and my uncle for keeping my head up.

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