‘…more like Durham County Jungle…’

Peace and Love IOA!!!

I hope all is well with you all…peace and love to all the comrades as well!!! Durham County Jail, laugh my butt off more like, Durham County Jungle! You really want to know how is the food in here…Well, let me start by saying it’s some shit. Picture, left over gravy rice, mixed with broccoli, and baby apple sauce on the side. Potatoes that aren’t cooked. Fried chicken patties that are not fried. Fake ass hamburgers. Hot dogs, well hot dogs are so bad I can’t explain them. HOT DOGS SHOULDN’T BE THREE DIFFERENT COLORS! It’s like they aren’t boiled but put in a steamer. Type shit are they on?? We eat breakfast at 6:30am. Eat lunch at 11:30am. Dinner at 4:30pm, then lock down for the rest of the night at 6:45. Fuck outta here B…Next subject! Medical care? What the hell is that? I was in the Rec Yard (5C) “Shout out to” (5C) playing b-ball jumped up and came down wrong, popped my knee out of place…I go down to medical, these sons of bitches give me an ice pack and tell me don’t go up the stairs!! No medicine, no knee wrap, didn’t pop my knee back in place or nothing. I had to do it myself. A comrade gave me a knee wrap, “Shout out to” (Thorn) and basically I had to make myself better…fuck them nurses!! They sit around and do nothing and get paid..I believe if they were to work in a hospital, they would lose their job!!! Next subject! How do the guards treat us? It’s sad when the guards hate their own job! There is no respect given…now, don’t get me wrong some guards are cool, to be honest. The rest probably going through something outside of this hell hole, and bring their problems here..it’s sad!! If we had mini cameras in here to record what goes on, Durham County Jail would be forced to shut down…facts! Well IOA thank yall so much, when I read the feedback my voice was truly heard…now that’s love and loyalty! Respect and honor! I will be writing back.

Love and Peace!
TyQuan MacCutcheon

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