It seems if you’re an officer you can do whatever you want


I know you’re well aware this isn’t my style, but these ignorant sons-of-bitches tried me. At 7:10-7:15 on June 9 in pod 3Cw, officer Tralane Jackson began to antagonize, harass, and finally put his hands on me. When I proceeded to defend myself, officers then broke it up. I was afterwards written up and charges were taken out upon me for defending myself (charge is assault on government official/employee). I give you the date and time so you can demand video. My court date is on —, and I promise if justice isn’t served…

Within these Durham County jail walls it seems if you’re an officer, you can do whatever you want. 1. Invade a man’s personal space. 2. Verbally assault him. 3. Then, physically assault him. But, when I defend myself after this being inflicted on me, I am the bad guy. Well, if they believe I ‘m going to stand by and allow them to do this, they have another thing coming. I will let this whole jail facility personally know they have made one righteous, strong-willed, self-aware black man an enemy. And with Allah, and with y’all by my side I will strike down this oppressive system. I will fight, pursue a lawsuit, and expose this un-humane conditions in here. Justice will be served. I’m enclosing my write up to show you after you see the video how they still attempt to point the blame and try and call me the bad guy.

-The Lion

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