Baptism Ceremony: Publicity Stunt or Nah?


I’d like to thank you for the books and for writing me. As you may not know I’m a preacher by the call of God awaiting my day of release from this pending issue. I noticed you would visit and any – is fine as often as you’d like. I also have your number but I’d prefer calling when it’s something worth calling for because GlobalTel is a total monstrosity. As you may have heard it’s a claim that individuals have been supposedly sending drugs of some sort in the mail embedded in stamps, so we can no longer receive assistance from any outsiders. We are demanded to buy their stamps on commissary (Ridiculous!!) Complete money grumbles this facility itself is. I guess they realized they were losing money from purchasing stamps to sell to us in regards to family and friends sending them to us. This is their way of gaining control over that. Anyway! I’m giving you a heads up I am preparing a letter in regards to the Baptism Ceremony of June 26, 2016. Yes! I attended and was baptized. I don’t like he used Christianity as a publicity stunt. He (Michael Andrews) does not realize what he has started. This will be something I send to you all as ammunition for the right cause and to awaken Mr. Andrews.

Preview: Baptism—Publicity Stunt or Nah—Sincerity or Nah

Key verse: The greatest commandment Mark 12:30-31 1. Love the Lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and will all your strength. 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

With Michael Andrews being present at the Baptism and reciting “Walk by Faith and Not by Sight; in every baptismal candidate’s ear he was acknowledging Christianity the most commonly known religion as well as he did the same in account to Ramadan. Not saying Christianity to be the best, but it’s the best in regards to “my beliefs.” As a Christian, when we acknowledge God and also accept him we accept Christ, following him and his commands. With all the heat that’s been going down on Durham County Jail, I told you they would look for a way to redeem themselves as if this justifies the deaths that occurred and so much more. It is forbidden to use dishonest gain for self-seeking benefit. It speaks of this clearly in Old Testament and the New Testament, Jeremiah 22:17 and 1 Timothy 3:8 and Titus 1:7 and verse 11. This character and conduct is required as Christians. But I see him saying possibly it was for our benefit and he was being considerate of others interest. Well, what about the rest of our interest? Now if he is actually Christian, when I’m done he will be convicted by the Word of God.

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