How can I?

Thoughts on Paper: How Can I?

How can I hope for a change when no one else notices anything wrong with their conditions? I cannot try to bring upon a social revolution nor an economic change if everyone’s content with where they stand. How could I succeed?

It pains me that when I speak upon my dream and vision for revolution no one else (out of the other 20 people I am around in the hole) agrees with my thoughts. The fear that the government installed and the self-doubt they’ve placed in their hearts, minds and soul, holds back their rebellious spirit.

How can I get through to the masses when they’ll rather die and stand for nothing, than fight against injustice and the social and economic conditions and provide a better future for the next generation. When the Afro-American mentality is so fucked up to the point they’ll rather battle and destroy each other and their own communities than better themselves and the outcome for the future, how can I strive to find revolutionary drive?

When the consciousness of the oppressed man is so deep in darkness, how could I enlighten? In a debate, I’ve tried to show these individuals we can make a change. We could stand up to the American Government and bring a new, we could lay down our life if necessary to bring a much-needed change, they went out their way to tell me WE CAN’T!! The oppressor no longer has to tell us we can’t, we begun to tell ourselves we can’t! So I ask you how can I strive to make a change. How can I attempt to pull the horse and it doesn’t want to even walk let alone drink. A damn shame.

I could give up upon these lost ones. I could say ‘fuck it, as long as I got mine,’ but how can I do that when I would be nothing but a hypocrite? I will strive to make a change or die trying. So many of god’s messengers have been shot down by their ignorant counterparts, they didn’t give up tho’, why should I?

But how can I go about doing this when I haven’t fully changed myself?

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