Thoughts from a rebel: Crime and its effects

Friday, July 1, 2016 2:35 a.m.

Take a look through a different point of view, with a glimpse into the frame of mind, and maybe the masses will have a better understanding on how, why, who and where crime is committed and thus individuals are incarcerated.

Being amongst those born under-privileged and currently incarcerated for allegedly committing a crime, I feel as if I can inform you on this subject best.

You see, for most individuals crime isn’t a mental issue, crime is more of an economic  issue (but as always, there are those rare cases where crime is a mental issue and the criminal was justly detained and treated.) You see, most of the people who commit crime are doing so because of their lack of funds to survive, or also they’re surviving on the basic tip, but they’re not on the social level. What I mean by that is because within the African-American culture, you have to have certain things, you have to act a certain way. You must be able to do these certain trending things or you are a social outcast. So because the certain individual is committing the crime is lacking these “must haves” or is lacking these “basic necessities,” he commits crime.

Of course other factors play in, such as how and where. Ok, let’s take into consideration what I just said, then let’s bring this individual that lacks what’s stated above into an area where crime is constantly committed, and also is constantly praised as “getting by,” “managing,” or “handling business.” So now this individual has knowledge of crime and a view of how the people live (visibly better) who commit the acts.

Finally, we get to the how. The individual then links up with other individuals that have either already done, or anxious to do, crimes. They get together and learn off each other, and they begin the life of crime.

So with first them being born into poverty with an already certain feeling of being trapped due to limited role models and individuals who successfully made it out. Second, them seeing those who are visibly successful with the life of crime. Third with the media, culture and community glorifying the lifestyle. This individual falls victim and becomes a criminal.

Now, let’s bring into play the judicial system and the holders of the balance of power. Instead of creating a solution, they’ve created modern slavery. Alright, take this into consideration: America has more prisons and jails than all other countries combined and they are steady building. America has more laws than they can count and are steading creating more, and in America they have certain situations in which they can take away the human rights given by the constitution. Let’s not forget the majority of the population of the incarcerated are low-income minorities. But let’s also not forget dirty cops, dirty d.a.’s, “public defenders” and jail conditions which all play a part in this modern day slavery, which is a multi-billion dollar business. With the people of the legislative (branches) knowing the conditions against us and the mind of the oppressed, they make the laws to further this oppression of the weak and steady the control of those on the top 1% of the money flow.

So with no outside help, and with thos who have made themselves successful cutting their ties, who is there to help?

Now ask yourself: Are you a victim, an oppressor, or a stand-byer who could be making a change?!

Until next time

Thoughts from a rebel

The Lion

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