Motto: A True Believer Wants for His Brother What He Wants for Himself.

This is the beginning of a new organization. A new era in America. This new program will be truly for the people. Those forgotten in the long haul. We will make changes to bring down the un-human judicial system that targets the majority of these same individuals. This organization, this brotherhood will be known by the name Urban Progress Improvement Association.

This vision was realized by me, Da’Quan Coleman, aka Al-Mu’izz Al-Mumit El-Shabazz, on the day of June 22, 2016. I call it a vision because it has a while before becoming an actual political, social empowerment, and economic uplifting organization/force. There will be some hard roads ahead in the beginning. There will be some evil in the beginning, but it will all be for the greater good. By the grace of Allah, a lot of hard work, drive, determination, dedication, love and loyalty ONLY will this vision be birthed.

This is the start of a new beginning. With this vision we will change the culture, thought pattern, lives and power of the urban community. We all are in this fight for a change together if we do not fight to improve our condition, then this self-hate and disorganized lifestyle in which the people of poverty live in won’t change, and like poison it will kill us and exterminate us as a people.

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