T or F: These dishes are not intended for human consumption.



“Aramark is here to stay”

After reading that topic, I hope the news gets better? And it could, if we work together. Just this morning, another inmate sounded off at me. He said, ‘You still writing that shit? You’re wasting these guys’ time. Why don’t you write about something important?’ I’m thinking, ‘This guy’s got 3,000+ dollars on his books. I have .02 cents on mine. I assume, to people here in jail with 3,000 in their account here, I reckon I am wasting my time. That’s really got me primed. Wonder in the mornings which leg he starts with to get dressed. Now back to Aramark, which is teaming up with these people who are currently in control of our lives, and those who are in our circle. There’s not much to life, being in here. For the most of us, locked down 17 hours. A speedy trial and a good meal would be enough to deserve one of my possum grins! Upcoming we will be sharing more than about food trays! We need your help. We highly respect those that help to contribute their thoughts, ideas and time to make our hardship into an easier ride. Now I would really like to share something that’s really eating at me. I’ve talked to other c.o.’s, and to medical, and they stated that Capt. Barnes was the officer that oversees the kitchens. Last week I verified this by asking Capt. Bazemore who was in charge of it. Not long ago, he told me to write Barnes for grievances! So I contacted—well, I tried.  I wrote 1 letter; and one time left a message on kiosk. I still haven’t had a reply on both counts. I guess 3-4 weeks is expecting too much. I’m really wondering the outcome if we flood him with this topic. Letter after letter! Chew on this: there’s two sources that have most control of our meals. One is the dietician; the other is the kitchen. Why is it neither will respond—Why is this SO?

A good question for the dietician would be: Why would you have us drinking sugar water instead of putting milk on our menu? We get no milk at all! I’m a little ahead of myself, that was plan B. Now, about 1 and a half to 2 months ago, I was in medical. I’m with a lady doctor, not one of the nurses. I ask her who was the dietician here. I’m in luck. She told me just what I was looking for. She said that the dietician didn’t work for the jail or them (medical), but worked for the sheriff’s department. I still don’t know who—man or woman—I haven’t a clue. Might be a question for Aramark. I backed off when she kind of went from Doctor Heckle to Mrs. Hide. She told me ‘What you get is what you eat.’ Well, at least she didn’t go as far as ‘Damn Inmate, what do you think? We work for you.’ So I folded my cards. On that hand! I truly don’t think that one dietician, by themselves, could come up with dishes of such caliber, which truly lack thought, planning and quality. To think these menus are going to last! They seem to think we’re here just for the weekend, when they created these dishes. I’ve been here a short time compared to lots. 5 months, and know no more than day one. What’s so bad is, they are meeting the constitution’s statute. Which states one main factor, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO TASTE GOOD. Could you imagine that? I figure when they made that law, they didn’t realize Aramark was going to push this decision to the limit on a DAILY BASIS. I thank you readers! And leave you with a better understanding of what’s in front of you.

Right now, a simple T(rue) or F(alse) question:

These dishes are not intended for human consumption.

Is this a no-brain—no-shame menu?

These menus talk for themselves!

Enjoy your stay, for another day!


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