‘This is a mean business, a money game’

June 29

Power Comrade –

Hope all is well. As for myself I am in good spirits, considering my current situation. As for my health, I run and do yoga daily so my health is fair. This “capitalist machine” profits off of poverty. We have to teach the comrades in here the law, that’s the “capitalist machine’s” biggest weapon. In order for us to stand up and fight we need law material.  – Power

Unafraid of the consequences

July 1, 3 am

Power Comrade —

The people our youth admire are addicted to drugs. It’s important that we pay attention to the youth because they think these stars, actors and rappers are special. The youth think that these entertainers have something they don’t, and this is not true. Every human has it, we have to re-educate the youth, and help them find their purpose. The curriculum in these schools in the inner-city is out-dated, they teach the kids what to think, not how to think.

Take a look at our society and the mass incarceration, the schools are not working. Its seems like it’s more black boys in the penitentiary than schools (just my opinion). The key to shutting these places down is through re-educating the youth, so they won’t come to places like this. They can become productive citizens and help to reshape the world. I had a visit the other day, and I overheard a lil-boy say to his father, ‘Daddy, you’ll play games in here.’ The lil-boy was referring to the checkers and the card games in the pod that he could see from the visiting booth. It gave me chills to hear him say that, like this place is fun. This is a mean business, a money game. How can we stop them?

Comrade “noface”

The vanguard

The last line of defense


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