“I say keep the ‘out’ hours till 10pm daily”

Brother W_______,

I wanted to sincerely write you and thank you for kind and encouraging words.  As this is my first foray into the legal system (of any kind) I find myself both unequally and utterly unqualified for giving any feedback to those in IOA!  That being said, I would like to offer my two cents worth of observations in regards to the Durham system as a whole.

  1. The bond issue is indeed an inflated and burdensome system that truly only makes the bondsman and women wealthier on the backs of the families who would rather sell, beg for money from family/friends, and go into massive surety in order to obtain some resemblance of freedom for their loved ones.
  2. Food and nutrition must follow appropriate and proper nutritional guidelines as approved by the FDA.  I firmly believe that school lunches provide more variety and flavor than what we are served with.
  3. Guards & Hours: I truly appreciate the hard work (often thankless) of all the Sheriff’s staff.  I, personally, go out of my way to always say please and thank you and seek to ask about how they are feeling.  Respect generates respect.  I do believe that forcing the inmates back into their cells (without any negative actions to indicate this would be prudent) at 6:45 pm daily is both unnecessary and unfair.  From my rectangular observation post I can say that this early lock-back is unnecessary because for the fact that the lights stay fully on until midnight as well as the TV blaring, till that same hour!  It appears that this form of entertainment is solely for the CO’s benefit.  Most, if not all, adults do not begin to retire (via their cyrcadium rythm) at 10pm.  My only understanding as to policy is possibly overtired population.  But seeing the fact that most inmates take numerous naps during the day I find that highly unlikely.  I say keep the “out” hours till 10 pm daily unless disturbances (either corporately or individually) warrant removing this benefit away for a period of time.

In closing, I want to tahnk you once again for all that you and your volunteers and supporters do.

Very respectfully,

S.B., USN Ret.
Semper Gumbi.

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