‘What’s wrong with that picture?’

I’m doing good, thanks for asking. I’m really glad you all have reached out to me. To tell you a little about myself. My name is Niajel Slad, 24, and I been in the Durham Co. Jail since Aug. 26, 2015. Mind you, when I found out I was a suspect, I turned myself in. Even though the lack of evidence, my bond is 3 million. The media and police said a lot of inaccurate things about me. They treat me like a monster.

The c.o.’s they have here, a lot of them are incompetent imbeciles that can’t even tie their shoes! They cut the phones off while we are on them. If we say something they don’t like, they lock us back for no reason. We are only out of our rooms for 6 hr and 30 m each day and there are only 6 phones in the pod and there are at least 50 inmates in each pod. That’s not enough phones.

I know you all heard about the white man that shot the police officer down stairs. He was locked up (what for 2 months?) and he goes home on pre-trial. What’s wrong with that picture?

The c.o. that let that man (Matthew McCain) die. They made him a sergeant! WTF. And they call us bad guys. This whole system is fucked up. When they can just lock you up without any evidence. Whatever happened to right and wrong? I’m a God-fearing man and only God can judge. What makes them better than us?

Question: the DA and judge are supposed to judge us, but who makes sure that they are following the law?

Thank you all for caring about us.

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