‘I’m a black male–that’s why I’m still here.’

Hello feedback world,

I have been housed here in the Durham County Jail since April 8, 2016. After checking my house on the night in question, the Durham police left with nothing. But they came back a week later cause the word of a white woman. Yes, I’m a black male, that’s why I’m still here. Thanking God for the change in my life. I’ve been out the system for eight long years. I even stayed in McDougald Terrace without problems for three years. My landlord didn’t know I was there unless I had a problem with my apartment. That’s cause I would have to go to the office and report it.

It’s sad when you try to help people that have nothing. At the end of the day they want to see you with nothing. So when the police checked my record, that was all it took. Then again, like I said, I’m a black man. My lawyer even tell me I have to go to trial at our first meeting. With him being a white guy, I feel my whole case is biased. Some of the d.o.’s treat you like you less than. That’s what you have to put up with being in the Durham County Jail. As if your case is not stressful enough. The system cost me a lot since I’ve been here. My apartment been broke into twice, than I lost my apartment. Living a good life trying to help others. Was going to church and enjoying singing with the Son of Thunder. My good life and dreams of being happy is gone. I came to the Durham County Jail thinking they see I do trouble no more. I even wrote The Herald-Sun. Guess I’m hoping to get help from the outside. Due to my age now, I’m mentally and physically tired of the biased system. All the fight I had I have outgrown. Even in the jail, sitting on the toilet the woman officers would open your door. If a lot of them stop flirting and their job, they won’t be worried about someone jacking off. Then some try to talk to you like you beneath them. We respect them, but where’s the respect for us? Just more stress on me when I’m dealing with my case. Oh, the Jim Crow case as my own lawyer would say. It’s not the 70s anymore, blacks have the same rights as everybody else.

I just need help, trying to reach out to anybody that might care. Praying that the system don’t suck me back into this way of life. It’s not for me anymore. Even with sickle-cell I’m fighting that with everything else before me. And the sad part about it is I pray for the chick every day. Cause her life is sad. I lost it all behind her, but God going to give me something better. Once I win my case, I’m suing Durham County for slander. Don’t judge me by my past. The officer run my I.D. and I’m still a criminal in their eyes. Plus, I’m a black man. Please help me get this behind me. Lawsuit then I’m getting away from my home town. Can’t live like this. I will find a church and hope a home away from here.


Robert J.

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