‘Your only true joy comes from making others feel your pain’: Poems by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

The Streets

This is all I know, how could you blame me

As the streets that took me in, it’s the streets that claim me

No love in the house, off the porch streets raised me

How could you blame me, it was the streets that made me.

Growing up without a father it was the streets that taught me

Poverty the street took me out, look what the streets brought me

But pain came with the deal, but I knew what the streets cost me.

Tell me to leave the streets, homie, that’s where you lost me.


My Mother

The woman who gave me life went through pain as I was birthed

How could I ever repay you and show how much your sacrifices were worth?

When I was younger I wasn’t aware, but now I understand without you even

My confidence and ego wouldn’t be here.

Oh, mother, I hope you realize how much you mean to your oldest son

I will always be indebted to my only one.

I remember times when I shed a tear feeling alone, unhappy without my mother there.

Oh, yes, I tried to provide with no avail, but this time I swear upon my life I will not fail

Cause mother without you there’s no me,

I want you to know you receive nothing but unconditional love from me

–your eldest


Try to Understand

Don’t try to understand what you cannot comprehend, cause you only going to be wrong

And disappoint yourself in the end. (But if you must try)

To begin you have to be someone who’s been through the pain of a loveless life of darkness and loneliness

Your only true joy comes from making others feel your pain, and to make them feel the hurt you do.

It sounds very dark but that’s only the beginning

Second, your emotions must be turned out and revealed at certain times necessary

To fully understand how it feels

Next comes evaluation of the situation, there is a story of the pain infected upon the victory

From beginning to end

Try to feel now, and with these few steps you’ll begin to see…

What makes this heart cold from the warmth of love. With this,

You’ll understand why I’m such a lonely man.


Survive and thrive

I find it difficult to thrive, so I settle with attempting to survive.

Don’t know what it takes to live so people rather die.

Poverty’s a sickness that spreads throughout the mind.

Successfulness a cure that a few seem to find.

If violence is the answer than I should have been fine.

But it’s only just an attempt to continue to survive.


Dreams & Goals

The dreams of the powerful, from thoughts of the weak

Goals of a rebel kuz acceptance is so bleak.

Dreams of world peace, reality of the war, walking the next day

Not knowing what’s in store

Goals of success on a road of failure, looking in life for something better.

Life’s too short for the wishes and the wants.

Time to take action committing to dos and don’ts.


My life to death

My life full of misfortune, my life’s before me

Know death the only thing that ends my eternal struggles.

My life’s hustle turns others into zombies

Only smoking to ease the pain of LIFE

People can’t handle it, others try to manage it,

Tired of waking up so they just decide to can it…when will it end.


Alone Forever

This is the way it should be, I faced the eternal fact

Being alone keeps me from disappointments and the sorrowful masses.

All my life my mind has been my true friend while I’m alone it guides me

Properly through dire situations.

When the masses try to understand they don’t fully grip the mindful demands that come

From within this lonely emotional man.

Maybe this is true peace in life, only having to fight your own fight,

Right your own wrongs, this is the tranquility of being

Forever alone.

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