The Effect of the Every Man for Himself Mentality




Thoughts on Paper

The Effect of the Every Man for Himself Mentality

Separation that’s what Willie Lynch told slaveholders will control their slaves. Separation is why in the civil rights movement we only go but so far, only accomplishing integration but still not finding the solution for the Black man in America.

Separation is what brought down the conscious political movement, the Black Panther Party. Separation is the reason why today the race of my fellow African descendants are not an economical power in America after being here 300 years as slaves, 150 as freedmen. Willie Lynch said separate them, create self-hate with them, give some a little more good treatment than others (house nigga) and you’ll never have to worry about the general mass (field nigga). This separation was so deeply embedded that even today, those men who are in certain powerful positions in America with the influence to change things, look down upon those who “cause troubles,” they go out their way to show the white man “I deserve this position, and I’ll punish those who fuck up, I got it boss man!” With their fake smiles and upright posture they’re making harder on their own people while trying to get the thumbs up from the white man.

This right here is separation, the every man for himself mentality, and this mindstate is an ever-present affliction in the Afro-American culture. This mindstate is conveyed in rap lyrics, books, communities and conversations. This mindstate is the reason the Spanish (speaking people) came to America years after us and are now a more respected culture in America. This is the reason we are weak! Currently, I am an inmate in the Durham County Detention Facility, and you can see it so clearly here!

First example–in the day room there are 10 tables, majority of the pod is Afro-American, but yet tables are not joined up amongst each other, the only tables that are joined up is those that belong to a common organization, and the (Hispanics). When a new inmate comes in the pod he is first “‘ran down on” (see who you are, where you from, what you bang), then if he has fellow gang members in the pod he MAY get help, if not ,he’s left for dead. On the other hand, when the Spanish (speakers), white, or any other race, they stick together, no matter if out there in that world they’re mortal enemies. When they come in the block, they get food, shoes, hygiene, and anything else needed.

Second example–Durham County Detention Officers, now be aware I’m not sure of other facilities, but here I cannot discredit them, all but 8 of 10 d.o.s act as I’m finna tell you. They will appear to be your friend, attempt to win your favor, try to show you that they are from the struggle, too, that they are a ghetto success story. Well, if you get caught doing the smallest thing wrong they will report you, lock you back 23 and 1, and tell they supervisor “I got ’em boss. I told ya I’ma good one, No trouble on my watch, promote me boss man, I’ll take care of these disgraces!” Do you see the poison that’s been injected into our culture?! How can the village raise the child if the villagers aren’t friendly amongst themselves? This separation has become so common that they even have reality shows showing how our people are so brainwashed that instead of giving a helping hand we attempt to tear each other down on live TV. We must come together despite past issues, and rise up to become the leaders we were designed to be. First, we must get rid of our pride and ego, and realize without each other we only have those whose goal is to separate us further. Second, we must create a plan, a vision, on how we are going to break these mental chains and reform and become kings and queens again. Third, we need to change our culture, re-write what’s right and what’s wrong, put more positivity and economic, mental, physical, educational and spiritual development into the things we engage in for entertainment.

We must learn where this problem comes from, notice it in our day to day manner and kill it at the root. We must educate ourselves and find our personal niche and create businesses, which will create jobs, which will keep the money within the community, which will make the Afro-Americans an economic power. We must find our true religion, discard the one given to us by the same ones who enslaved us. We must look upon the oneness of God, discipline ourselves and set up expectations for those who follow!

Last but not least we must take care of our bodies, discard the mind-altering drugs, take up better diets, and work our bodies out to be able to overcome any physical obstacle! When we do this, and only when we do this will we break these 450 year-old chains of self-hate, self-oppression, self-doubt and separation. We speak upon change (we’ve been doing that since the reconstruction era), but yet we have yet to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Currently we are stuck, we must pull ourselves out of this hole and then lend a hand to the others below, so they may do the same, and so on and so on! If I can get help, get those who agree and believe in me to lend a hand we can be teaching others in the next new generation and we can break these chains within 15 years at the most.

“A man hasn’t truly believed until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.”

Let’s take two steps and walk to a more better productive future for the Afro-American.

–Al-Muizz Al-Mumit El-Shabazz

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