“five years and still no trial”

Dear G___,

I just want to say thank you for the letter and all you do for the people inside.  I appreciate people like you who genuinely care even though myself and others are locked up.  I do read the Feedback and enjoy what you all have put together.  I enjoy it.  In fact I just got a Feedback paper from another inmate yesterday so I find it ironic that I get my very own personal one today.  Yes, I read it all over again.

As you may know I’ve been locked up 4 years and 3 months and I had a trial date for October but like a month ago my lawyers came and told me its been moved and its not gonna happen this year.  That’s going to make five years and still no trial.  Something has to change because I’m not the 1st and I won’t be the last unless something changes.  So keep doing what you’re doing and inmates will see better days.

Thank you again.

— P.A.

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