‘We want respect’

I don’t know what it is about your mail, but the stamp went through Raleigh on June 2 and they say they did not receive here until June 8. That is a lot of days to come from Raleigh to Durham. Right! But it seems there is always something going on with the mail, not getting picked up or brought in on time. You complain and then you don’t get it at all, and how would you know if it came? Or, it’s like you said they say you can’t have it for some reason.

I am with you and others that snacks and hot trays are too high, but the people feeding us are making sure that we eating just so you have to buy the snacks to get by and the hot tray if you want a taste of home, well the outside anyway. The cost of the food they sell in the jail is way too high and needs to go down.

I think that many of the c.o.s need more training. The ways some of them talk to people they really should not be working on this job, or any job dealing with people. I have seen c.o.s trying to fight inmates, calling them out of they names. In the pod I am in there are a few Hispanic (people), and few if any of the c.o.s can talk to them and they don’t speak English. (Sorry for Matthew 3D #21)

But I have also seen some good c.o.s there who like their jobs and want to help the people in here. But I would have to say that by far the biggest thing that I have seen is the c.o.s need more training, few of them really know how to deal with people. Many of them cause problems in the pods because of the things they do and say. Yes, we are in jail, but we are human still. We want respect, just as they do.

All jails are set up to make you take pleas, but sitting here missing court date after date is sick. But I guess they make money to hold you. If so, it has become big business.

It is too cold in here, I am sure there is a reason to keep the temp down but to have to do a $20 sick call to get a 2nd cover. Speaking of sick calls, tell them you need something, some days they get right on it other days you wonder is anyone down there.  Nail cutters, you have to do a sick call to use them. Really. They should be in the pods. Even if you have to lock back to get them.

I also think we can use more time out of cells, such as three walks, morning, midday and night. Really, what else are they or we doing? We are all locked up in here together.

I am here waiting. Doing a lot of praying and reading, also writing. Doing my best to stay strong. Blessing to you.



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